About us

thegetaway.in is one of the finest online travel websites that enables its customers to book air tickets and hotels without hassle. We aim to supply a range of best quality services and products to our customers. Be it a corporate occasion or a family excursion, Getaway is furnished to give you an exceptional and enduring experience. We also have standard and custom-built honeymoon packages for the newlyweds which promise them the experience of most alluring and fascinating honeymoon destinations. The use of latest technology is made to serve our customers in the fastest possible manner. Our customer support works day in and day out to serve all the queries of its customers.

Our motive is to provide an everlasting experience to our customers. For this we have a team of travel experts which help the customers choose the best holiday packages for them. Our commitments towards our customers allow us to better understand their needs and serve their interests to utmost satisfaction. Our process for refunds, cancellations and rescheduling is also the quickest in the market. This makes our website most desirable among the customers.

Thus, Getaway is a one stop travel market that offers an expansive selection of travel services and holiday packages. We promise our customers an enriching and unmatched holiday experience.